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for harpsichord & electronic

duration ~13'

premiered on 2017 apr. 4

Maurice Fleuret Hall | CNSMDP

Paris (FR)


Orlando Bass harpsichord

Harpsichord 2 keyboards

midi footswitch

MaxMSP for live electronic


first section map


The question of imitation of nature (biomimesis) by digital tools has besome a major focus of my last musical considerations. The inability to obtain a perfect representation and the bugs produced by the machines at these scanning and analysis techniques are source of musical materials in my work. Here, a birdsong has been edited on computer and transcribed for harpsichord. The structure is then inspired by the rythmic and melodic invention that the birds show to vary their singing but biased by the prism of the machine.


Rhythm perception is corollary of several parameters including the timbre and pitch.. The melody is therefore itself dependent on the rhythm. By transposing into the bass or treble some notes of a melodic line, a polyrhythmic structure appears: our ear divides the whole into three layers, high, medium and low, creating a complex polyphony. Like an unregulated automaton, the harpsichord intones the transcribed song and there remains of the bird only the imprint of the natural model 

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