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duration : 3:56

premiered on 2017 jan. 17

Maurice Fleuret Hall | CNSMDP

Paris (FR)

Collaboration with

Florent C. Darras


© Y. Geslin

At the origin of this concert project, the postulate of crossed views between electroacoustic art music and electronic dance music. This proposition assumes that distinctions exist between these two spheres: an aesthetic and formal distinction as well as a functional and social distinction, diffusion networks and audiences probably not being unanimously shared. Beyond these first considerations and our collaborative work, we decided to proceed like many electronic music musicians: from analog synthesizers to create our musical material. Guaranteeing a certain immediacy of result, while offering us the pleasure of instrumental play and exploration, this way of production was the starting point of our reflection on form.


F.C.Darras & S.Amarouch           

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