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in les Beaux-Arts de Paris

directed by

Clément Thurriot

& Samir Amarouch


Edouard Bozet conductor

Youmi Kim Voice

Rémy Reber Electric Guitar

Ludivine Moreau Flute 1

Joséphine Poncelin Flute 2

Evgeny Novikov Soprano Sax.

Jean-Étienne Sotty Accordeon


Lola Margrain edit

Florent Augizeau image

Julien Loféron steady cam

Martin Ragobert assistant

Kévin Le Dortz color

Anaïs Georgel sound

Aurélien Bourgois mastering

Alice Etc. furniture design

Long collaboration with the director Clément Thurriot and the editor Lola Margrain, this videoclip on which we worked between 2016 and 2018 has been shot in the big canopy of the Beaux-Arts in Paris. The sound was taken live in the location. The reverberation heard is that of the place. The vocal part was, however, re-recorded later in the studio to allow a better sound-image matching.

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