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for 6 musicians

duration ~13'

premiered on 2016 may 3

Maurice Fleuret Hall | CNSMDP

Paris (FR)


Edouard Bozet conductor

Youmi Kim Voice

Rémy Reber Electric guitar

Ludivine Moreau Flute 1

Joséphine Poncelin Flute 2

Evgeny Novikov Soprano Sax.

Jean-Étienne Sotty Accordeon


whatch the clip


development of «hier» element

Slow the human voice is a very hard process for a machine. Even the most powerful programs may not propose a result perfectly acceptable: noise, parasite and artifacts appear. It is precisely these imperfections that are the source of inspiration for this piece.

Slow down a sound, dive inside its innerform, and discover an infinity of artifacts, richer thant the original in a way which demonstrates the action of the machine on the sound object are all concerns that irrigate Artefact.

The voice is nothing but ruin of human song and "the time here [slowed] becomes the space" in which we evolve.

No electronics however: the challenge lies in the orchestration and the possibilities offered by the electric guitar 

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